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The Northark Portal is your gateway to North Arkansas College information, designed with you in mind! Whether a prospective student, ongoing student, employee, or visitor, this site provides you with personalized access to a range of campus resources in a single location. Once signed in, you get access to a number of services tailored to fit your needs.

To log into Portal, enter your username and password into the fields above.
Username = First initial + Last name + Last three digits of Student ID
Password = Student ID + last 2 digits of birth date
    Name        Student ID     Birth date           
    John Doe   123456         March 24, 1990
    Username     Password   
    JDoe456      12345690
    Note: If John Doe had the suffix of "Jr" then the following would occur:
    Username     Password   
    JDoejr456     12345690
    1. If you're on a Northark computer, you can change your password by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete and selecting Change a Password.
    2. Enroll in Northark Password Manager and you can unlock your account, change your password, or reset your password if you forgot it. Enrollment only takes a minute and will save you stress later.
    3. Otherwise, you can submit a message to tech support or call I.T. Services at (870) 391-3285. 
    The following are minimum system requirements for web use of the Northark Portal.  If you are having technical problems with Portal, check these requirements first to detect the source of the problem.
    + = and higher
    1. Internet Connection: DSL/cable high-speed Internet (10 Mbps upload/download speed or better on
    2. Operating System: Windows Vista, 7, or 8 | Mac OS X +
    3. Browser: IE 10 + | Firefox 6 + | Google Chrome | Safari
    4. Browser SettingsJavaScript EnabledPopup Blockers DisabledCookies EnabledJava Enabled
    5. Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 + 
    6. File Exchange Upload/Download File Sizes: 6 MB max
    To use Echo360 video lecture capture streaming content, you will need Adobe Flash Player10 or better and QuickTime7 or better installed: Click here to check your QuickTime version. You might also want to check that QuickTime is configured for streaming. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer to access video lectures.
    1. Select all the files you want to zip together by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on each one.
    2. Click the right-hand button on your mouse, and select “Send to” from the menu that appears.
    3. Select “Compressed or Zipped Folder” from the secondary menu.
    4. This will create a new zipped folder, which will show up as a new icon.
    5. Now use the “Browse” function on the application to find that zipped folder and select it for upload.
    **Alternate Method
    1. Open the folder that contains the files you want to zip.
    2. Click the right-hand button on your mouse and select “New” from the menu that appears.
    3. Select “Zipped File” from the secondary menu.
    4. A new icon will appear in the folder, ready to be renamed. You may use any name as long as it ends in “.zip”
    5. Drag and drop any files you wish into the zipped folder.
    6. Now use the “Browse” function on the application to find that zipped folder and select it for upload.
    If you are unable to send to a compressed or zipped Folder when right-clicking on your files, you may not have a zip software program installed.  Click here to choose which zip software program you would like to download.
    Uploading electronic files is a convenient way to submit assignments to your instructor. The file upload accepts most types of electronic files including document files, images, HTML pages, PowerPoints, and more. To submit an assignment:
    1. Go to the course Assignments page
    2. Open the assignment
    3. Follow the instructions and complete the assignment
    4. Save your assignment with your name and the assignment name as the name of your assignment
    5. Upload the assignment by clicking Upload
    6. Moxie Manager will open
    7. Click the Upload button and select Local Machine
    8. When the explorer window opens, browse to and select your file
    9. Wait for Moxie Manager to reach 100% upload of the file you selected
    10. Make sure the check-box is marked for the file you want and click the Insert button
    11. In the next window, type a Label and Description of your file if you wish and then click OK
    12. Your file will appear in the assignment
    13. Click on Mark as Final to finish
    Jenzabar eLearning provides several ways to communicate with your instructor and/or classmates.  In your courses, the Collaboration tab provides access to the course’s communication tools:
    1. Discussion Forum  is used for the instructor and the students to discuss certain topics.  Sometimes an instructor posts topics to discuss, and students are expected to post their comments. The Discussion Forum takes the place of normal topic discussions in a face-to-face classroom.  Most instructors make these discussions a requirement and part of the student’s grade.  Check your syllabus to see what is expected.
    2.  Coursemates allows you to send email to your instructor and classmates.  When you register for a course at Northark, you are automatically given an email address.  This is the address on file for you here.  There is no Sent Mail folder, so make sure to send a copy to yourself so you have your own record of sent items.  To log-in to your email account, go  
    3. Chat  allows communication online in real time.  Some instructors use this for live discussions, and other instructors use this for virtual office hours.  Check your syllabus to see if and how your instructor utilizes Chat in your course.
    These instructions are for taking a quiz or test on e-Learning.  
    1. Go to the Assignments page
    2. Click on the name of the quiz/test you wish to take
    3. Read the instructions provided by your instructor
    4. Start the quiz/test
    5. Select a proper response for each question
    6. When you're finished with the quiz/test, click on Submit for Grading
    Notes -
    1. If you are taking a timed test, you will receive a warning indicating that you have 5 minutes left.
    2. Your choices will automatically be saved as you progress from one page to the next.
    3. Some instructors will not allow a student to go back to previous problems.
    4. Some instructors require you to use the Locked Browser, a downloadable app, to complete a quiz/test

    If, when running Locked Browser, you are told it cannot be started because of a program currently running, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete (Windows), start Task Manager, go to the Processes tab, and end the process Locked Browser says is running.  Then, your test should be able to load just fine.

    1. If you cannot see the shortcut for e-Racer Locked Browser, go to the directory where it installed. This is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Racer Locked Browser, but it may be different on your machine.
    2. Find the LockedBrowser application that launches the e-Racer Locked Browser. Applications generally have .exe as their file extension, although you may have file extensions hidden on your machine.
    3. Right click on the application and select Properties.
    4. When the Properties dialog window comes up, go to the Compatibility tab.
    5. Under Compatibility mode, check the box for Run this program in compatibility mode for: - and select Windows 7 from the drop-down list.
    6. Then save before exiting the Properties window. That should do it.
    If you have downloaded a handout from Portal and attempt to open it in its native program, be it Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or other, and you get an "incompatible Office products" error message, don't panic. This is a common problem with downloading documents from the Internet and newer versions of Microsoft software. Simply click OK or accept and continue, and the document should continue to open. It will probably open in protected mode. Click the "Enable Editing" button to allow editing of the document if you wish.
    Copies of Northark’s annual Campus Security Report and Crime Statistics are available on the Northark website under the About Us > Student Consumer Information tab. The Campus Security Report  includes institutional policies concerning campus security. The Crime Statistics Report includes statistics for the previous years concerning reported crimes that occurred on-campus and on public property, within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from, the campus. You can obtain a copy of these reports at the links above or by contacting the office of the Vice President of Learning, Michael Wiggins.

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