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ORT 1000 Northark Student Orientation is required for all new and returning students at Northark.  Add it to your schedule via Connect or speak with an advisor to do so. Once enrolled, you may need to look in "Future Courses" in All My Courses to access it.

Reminder for new students:

  • Login to your Northark Portal and Office 365 accounts and make sure everything works.
  • Complete ORT 1000 Northark Student Orientation.
  • Complete Title IX Training.
  • Complete all documentation needed by Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, Advising, and/or Student Accounts.
  • Review the College Catalog and Student Handbook. 
  • Purchase textbooks and materials for class.
  • Purchase a grill card at the College Grill.
  • Read the syllabus and complete the acknowledgement for each class.
  • Make a friend/study buddy or join a study group for each class.
  • Visit your instructor during office hours if you have questions. 
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