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As part of its commitment to maintaining a campus free of sexual discrimination and harassment, including sexual violence, North Arkansas College (Northark) has scheduled mandatory Title IX awareness training for all students and employees. The goal of the training is to make our campus community aware of sexual violence and to understand how to prevent it. Northark wants to work together with you to foster a safe, healthy, and vibrant campus community. As part of that commitment we have implemented an online student training on the prevention and awareness of sexual harassment and assault.

All students are expected to complete The Title IX training.

The course is strictly confidential; to complete this, you will need a computer with Internet access and audio capabilities. The course is roughly an hour long. Smartphone or tablets may be used but must have a stable internet connection. If you do not have access to a computer, you can use any publicly available computer with Internet access.

Please watch the entire training and certify your completion on a separate form to ensure your confidentiality. Failure to do so will impact your eligibility to enroll in classes at Northark.

Why is Title IX Training Mandatory?

The Department of Education can withhold federal funding from any institution that doesn’t comply with Title IX. Since 2001, the Department of Education has issued guidance to schools with steps to follow in order to comply with Title IX; one such step is Title IX training for all employees and students.

Every student and employee must take this training. While the intention is not to single individual students or employees out, the failure of any one student or employee to comply means Northark, as a whole, could lose federal funding.

Title IX Training Video & Certification

Please click the link below to access the Title IX training module. Please certify your completion with the instructions provided. 

  1. Students (last names A-M):
  2. Students (last names N-Z):